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All products sold on and in store are pre-loved, vintage or new. Pre-loved and Vintage items are worn before, but always in good condition as we don't accept any products that aren't authentic, or meet a certain standard. We also sell new items. New items are never worn and in excellent condition. Some new items come with a tag (NWT; New With Tag) and some new items come without a tag (NWOT; New Without Tag). Some items come with a dust bag and a (shoe)box as well. This is stated in the product information when you click on any item.

  • Excellent: Mint condition with no flaws at all. There won't be any stains, tears, or discolouration.
  • Very Good: May show some very minor wear where it really doesn't count if any at all. May have been worn possibly once, cleaned & yet no visible marks, stains or sign of this. The difference between "Excellent" and "Very Good" may be very slight. These pieces require close inspection to show their minor "flaws".
  • Good: Shows some expected wear for its age, like some very light discolouration or some very slight fabric pulling if any at all. Handbags may have a few minor scuffs or slightly less than pristine interior. Jewellery may have some areas of wear. Overall these pieces are desirable, and useable, displayable and wearable, but not perfect. 
  • Fair: There may be a shadow stain or a light stain on a garment. Very visible scuff mark either on the heel, upper or inner sole of a shoe/boot or weakening of the leather on a bag. The item may have some visible flaws. Still wearable and usable. Always offered at a price to reflect this condition.